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To make the nourishment and healing of wild plants readily available to all people. 



Sustainability. We reap what we sow. As such, may every action we take and each product we bring to the world have the highest intention for healing and love.


Healing. We came to this vocation because we are healers. There is no distillation process that can remove that from our essence. Through our thoughts, our intentions, the medicines and tonics we make and sell, we have but one objective, healing.  


Generosity of Spirit. Our medicine bags can never be empty for they are always filled with love.


Care. It is said that care is love in action. We express our love of humanity in the actions we take to bring about healing.


Courage. No one said this would be easy. We stand tall in the face of adversity. Acknowledge our vulnerabilities. And never let fear be our guide, even when our knees are shaking.


Honoring. We bow to the beauty and grace of nature in all of her glorious expressions. In honoring nature, we honor ourselves and the community we serve.