Good Medicine Confluence

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2019 Good Medicine Confluence Poster #4-RGB for Online Use (1).jpg

Good Medicine Confluence


I’m excited to announce that I will be teaching two classes at the upcoming Good Medicine Confluence this May in Durango Colorado.

I attended the conference last year and it was fantastic. I learned so much and met so many amazing people. There is a huge variety of subjects offered at the conference for all levels of knowledge and experience. I highly recommend it and would love to see you there! Here is a description of the classes I will be offering-

Expanding The Reach of Plants: How to Start or Grow Your Herbal Business & Build a Loyal & Committed Following (1.5 hrs)

This class is for anyone who would like to begin, or expand, their herbal business. Building on the concept that getting plants into the bloodstreams, hearts and souls of as many people as possible is a sure way to better the quality of life for all involved, as well as the future of the planet, Traci will share what’s worked in her experience of opening, Simples Tonics, an herbal tonic shop and apothecary in Santa Monica, CA that caters to both the herbal wise and people who are completely unfamiliar with herbal medicine and the benefits of wild plants. With a passionate and loyal following at Simples, Traci will share some key components of branding and marketing to expand and reach beyond the existing herbal community to capture the imagination of a whole new set of people, to whom plant medicine is a novel concept. Having a strong background in branding and marketing, she will draw on her experience building and selling her own line plus the products of other herbalists that she carries in her shop, to share her ideas about what works and why. There will be a discussion of setting your goals and mission for your business, what makes you and your product unique and special, and how to position that in a crowded market place. She will cover the importance of telling your authentic story to the world, as well as helping you articulate who you are as a brand, as a product line, and what makes that compelling. Case studies will illustrate the value of packaging as another means of communicating your products and brand to get your products noticed and out there for trial, with the ultimate goal of creating a loyal following of repeat customers. Several product lines in addition to Simples will be discussed and used as examples. Everyone will walk away with some solid ideas of how to better communicate and demonstrate their offerings to reach a larger community.

An Introduction to Building Deep & Lasting Relationships With Our Plant Allies Through The Use of Simples (2 hrs.)

By working with plants, one at a time as a simple, we are best able to fully understand the magic of that plant, and to appreciate its gifts physically, emotionally and spiritually. In this beginner level class, Traci will introduce several ways in which to fully immerse yourself into a relationship with a plant. By exploring various ways of working with and connecting with individual plants we approach plant medicine as a deep immersion in the bounty and layers that the plants offer rather than simply being a salve for symptoms or complaints. Traci will share her personal journey with Motherwort and will be exploring several other commonly available plants that are used as simples. You will learn how to connect, experience and make medicine with them. The class will include tasting several different plants and herbal preparations as well as hands-on experience.

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